Hi, I'm Selena.

I was born in Georgia, but grew up in Mississippi. I've lived in Arizona for 15 years and before that, I spent 4 years in The Netherlands! I have been all over the world in my time for both business and pleasure and look forward to visiting all the places still on our list.

I am a plant enthusiast and no longer know how many plants we have in the house! haha.

In my spare time I am either relaxing with my husband and our fur-babies or watching The Office. Our dogs have my whole heart and if my husband was okay with more, we might be running a sanctuary by now. I am also a coffee AND tea drinker and refuse to take a side.

I am a firm believer that love is love, no questions.

My job is to capture that love in whatever form, and freeze it for you forever, so that you can time travel back to that moment through your images.

"I am Beyonce, Always"

-Michael Scott


“Selena photographed my wedding and she was so kind and understanding. She took note of everything that I wanted, helped me develop a plan, timeline and made my photo session effortless. I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding day and she was a huge help for that. I would absolutely recommended her!”

“Selena, you were an absolute pleasure to work with. Your attention to detail was top notch and thought of things well beforehand that we never would have considered. You came well prepared and on such a busy and important day your organization getting everyone together for the photos we wanted was just what we needed when it seemed like nothing else was going quite according to plan! You even took the time to stay and take care of us even after our time was up because of the delayed start we had.”

“Selena did our wedding pictures and they are just stunning!! It rained on our big day and she just made it work! I love how detail oriented she is! She has an eye for capturing the perfect moments! Can’t wait to see what she does next for us!”

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