Specializing in natural light photography.




Q: Why do I have to create an account before my photo shoot? 

A: Your account will be used to download the digital images you choose from your gallery onto your computer. This will be further explained in your consultation. 


Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: Yes, every person you refer over to Selena McMahon Photography, you will have the choice between $10.00 off your package price or 10 - 4x6 sized prints. PLEASE NOTE: The person you refer over must have a session booked with Selena McMahon Photography before your discount can be applied. This means a deposit must be paid.


Q: Can we bring our pets to be in the photos?

A: Yes, we love including your pets! If you choose to bring your pet, they must be NON AGGRESSIVE and have basic obedience training (sit/stay/wait). I do have experience with snakes, however the ONLY snakes that will be permitted are snakes with no fangs (EX: Boa & Corn snake). PLEASE NOTE: if anyone is injured as a result of your pet, you will be financially responsible for any medical needs (including the photographer). 


Q: Is there a place where my family and i can change clothes during our session if needed?

A: Most photo shoots are on location in outdoor areas. With that being said, most of those locations may not have a place to change. Some clients choose to change in their car if a change of clothes is necessary. 





Q: I do not see a package that meets my needs. What should I do now?

A: Not everyone's needs will fit in the packages that we offer, so please contact me personally and we can make a custom package for you!


Q: How do I purchase a package?

A: Payment for your package will need to be made via debit/credit card via Square Invoice. I will send you this invoice via email. 





Q: I like your print pricing but I didn't take my photos with you, Can I still order prints?

A: Yes, though you will need to provide a print release form, which you should have gotten from your previous photographer.


Q: I am ready to purchase prints/canvas, how do i purchase them? 

A: If you are purchasing your prints/canvas from Selena McMahon Photography but did not have your photos taken with us, you will need to send me the original sized photos as well as the print release as mentioned above, via email. The reason for this, is to create the highest quality print possible. If you DID have your photos taken with Selena McMahon Photography, I will add print options to each of the photos in your gallery. Once this is complete you will have the option to place the photos you desire into your 'Cart' with the size/quantity you need. Then simply check out! With either of these cases you have two options; I can mail these photos to your home address or personally deliver them. With the mail option, there will be a $10.00 additional fee to cover shipping costs. 


Q: How long does it take to get my prints, canvases, or albums back?

A: All products should take no more than 2 weeks to be completed.  



Please feel free to reach out to us for more information!
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